Yes, this is an Australian Pokemon (observe seasons). *grins* Someone challenged me...

by Leto

June 24

Dear Diary,

Cold day. That's good. It doesn't snow here though. I wish it would. Snow feels right. Why am I stuck in this country anyway?

It's so hot here it dries me up.

I am supposed to be lucky Pokemon. I am humanshape. That's supposed to be good, but it isn't. It means I can hold a pen and write, although no humans would understand this language. What good is writing if nobody can read it?

I guess, I can read it...

Humanshape means other Pokemon don't respect you. Humanshape means humans don't respect you. What's anything worth if nobody respects you? It just means nobody knows what you really are and because you look ugly, they don't care enough to find out.

Bah. I'm a rare Pokemon, the only one of my kind that lives here. But even so, nobody wants to catch me. They see no power in me, just my face and figure.

Life here isn't easy for me. I'm in the most stupid predicament a Pokemon could be in. I hate my species.

Nobody else seems to like Jynx either. So I really am jynxed. In more ways than one.


June 27

Dear Diary,

Warm, warm. Even in winter, it's not cold enough for me. I need to travel, I think. I wish I could, but my body is just humanshape. No special powers. If I could teleport like an Abra, fly like a Pidgeot or even just run or swim like any normal Pokemon can.

My powers must be worth something. Psychic... I can't see into anyone's mind. I guess I think more than some Pokemon do, but that's a bad thing. If you think, you can't live.

Ice... there IS no ice here. The only ice is inside people's freezers, and I'm too big to fit.

I know, I tried once.

What can ice do, anyway. It can freeze. My powers don't work very well because not only do I not have a trainer, it's not cold enough here. So I feel tired if I try to make the air around me cold...

I wonder if there are any other Jynx in Australia. They'd have to be pretty stupid, like me. I'm sick of being a rare Pokemon, and there are no other humanshape around here. Just Kangashkan, Charmander, Pikachu, Pidgey, and lots of bug and water Pokemon.

If I see one more Tentacool, I'll get annoyed. They have no right to be as cranky as they are, because there are thousands of them and they can not only have friends, but have a choice of friends.

I hate being mistaken for a human. People do it all the time though. Some even brush past me and apologise, then recoil when they see me.

I wish I looked better. I wish I wasn't humanshape. I wish I didn't live here. I wish I had some friends.

I wish a lot of things.


July 1

Dear Diary,

Yay, a new month. Doesn't change much, I've been here for years with no change, no change. I think that still, you're my only friend, and you're just a book. No offense.

Okay, I've been thinking - what else is new, there's nothing else to do. I need to get stronger, and have some excitement in my life. I want to be like other Pokemon. So I'm going to go and look for a trainer.

Maybe I'll start tomorrow. I'm kinda tired now. I think I'll sleep some more.


July 2

Dear Diary,

Nah, I'll go tomorrow.


July 3

Dear Diary,

Don't feel like getting up this morning.


July 5

Dear Diary,

I'll leave today, but first I'll write here again.

I've was thinking my usual cheerful thoughts, trying to work out what I hate most about my life.

I guess even knowing that helps me know something.

It's not being accepted.

I'm a joke Pokemon. The most unfortunate species. Something I haven't told even you, diary...

There are males and females of every species. Jynx are no exception, however... Pokemon, unlike humans, look pretty much the same regardless of gender. So here I am, a male, stuck in this @*%# awful body.

Thing is, it's really embarassing, and everyone just thinks I'm a girl. I don't enlighten anyone. I bet you're snickering, diary. I bet anyone who reads this - not that anyone can understand it except Jynx, so I don't have anything to worry about there - would laugh.

It's not that funny though... not to me.


July 7

Dear Diary,

I've been travelling. It feels weird and I get tired easily. No trainers have wanted me yet. Some are pretty rude. I walk along the beach, because there's a cool breeze which makes me feel a bit stronger. I'm always tired because I'm not cold enough.

I saw a couple of new Pokemon though, that I haven't seen before. I'm going to stay here for a few days. It's interesting just to see new things. I didn't want to travel before, so I stayed in the same place all the time and saw all the same things. I didn't want to travel because I was tired, but it's not so bad. In winter, anyway.

A new Pokemon - new to me - actually talked to me like I was another Pokemon. And I talked back! We were having an actual conversation! I probably sound stupid but... it was great!

The new Pokemon, it was called a Dewgong, lived in the sea. It said it was ice like me. So it's like family, I think... I never met another ice Pokemon before.


July 9

Dear Diary,

I feel stupid. Dewgong tried to teach me how to swim today, but this body isn't good for that... I found that out. I sank like a stone, and I couldn't do anything she tried to teach me.

A Seel laughed at me, but Dewgong got mad at it on my behalf.

It didn't help, though. Dewgong said that "she is just a beginner".


I think I'll move on tomorrow.


July 19

Dear Diary,

Still walking, or waddling, as the case is. I'm getting a bit fitter, which is something. But not enough, because the further I go up the coast, the hotter it seems to get. Shouldn't it be getting colder, since we're going into winter?

No other Pokemon have been nice to me. I saw a big flock of Spearow a couple of days ago, but they weren't nice to me, they attacked me.

I froze a few of them, and then they realised I was a Pokemon and left me alone.

I still want a trainer, who will treat me like a normal Pokemon worth respecting...

Here are some examples of receptions I get...

Me: Are you a Pokemon trainer?
Human: Huh?
Me: Are you a Pokemon trainer?
Human: Speak English, why don't you?
Me: I can't, I'm a Pokemon.
Human (walking away quickly, muttering): Weird lady...

Me: Are you a Pokemon trainer?
Human (looking scared): Umm, sorry miss, I don't think I can help you...

Me: Are you a Pokemon trainer?
Human: You're a Jynx!
Me (relieved, nodding): Yes! You're a trainer? Will you take me?
Human: That's quite a rare Pokemon around these parts...
Me (sweatdropping): I know, will you take me?
Human (not understanding me in the least): Boy, it's a good thing too! Real Pokemon trainers only take Pokemon with potential!

I'm starting to get sick of humans. Maybe I shouldn't let myself be a trained Pokemon? But there must be some nice ones.


July 22

Dear Diary,

I wonder how long Jynx live for? I think I've been alive forever. A few years, anyway.


August 4

Dear Diary,

It's the last month of winter. But it's kind of hot. Where am I now, I wonder...

There are a lot of people called 'tourists' up here. I wonder if that's a type of human, like Pokemon have types. What would a tourist's attacks be? They carry cameras a lot. Maybe they use them as weapons.

I don't understand humans at all.

Hot, hot. Lots of beaches here, lots more Tentacool. Nobody swims at the beaches because of the Tentacool. Someone said this coast was gold, but it looks more of a light brown or white to me...


August 5

Dear Diary,

This could be my last entry! I'm excited, for the first time in a long time.... I found a human! He seems really nice! And he wants me as a Pokemon... he called me strong!

Nobody's ever called me strong. Just stupid looking. This guy isn't from around here. His accent's a bit weird, I think he's travelled a lot. He says he lives on a place called Pokemon Island. Is that near here, I wonder?

Anyway, tonight I'll go meet him and I'll find out for the first time what a Pokeball is like.

Ohh, I've finally found a good trainer, and I'll get to go to a place called Pokemon Island, where there are lots of Pokemon... maybe even another Jynx.

This new trainer is sure to treat me with respect. He has a lot of Pokemon. The only one I recognised was a Charmander... Charmander was very loyal so I think I can trust it.

Goodbye for now, goodbye forever, dear diary. You can't take things inside a Pokeball. I'll be alone forever, but at least I have a good trainer. I'm sure he's good.

I think his name is... Damien?

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